Meet the Team

Matt - One Tree Planted


Chief Environmental Evangelist

Founder & Chief Impact Officer

After teaching college-level marketing for over ten years, Matt's passion for the outdoors led him to create One Tree Planted in 2014, driven by a mission to make it simple for anyone to give back to the environment. Matt enjoys traveling, hanging out with his two kids and dog, and helping amazing organizations around the world make an impact for good.


Stephanie R. - One Tree Planted

Stephanie R.

Forest Manager

Director Of Projects

Having a background in Environmental Science and Community Outreach, Stephanie values the importance of our connection to nature. She is happy to be part of the solution in mitigating climate change.

Gabriela - One Tree Planted


Latin America

Forest Manager

Regional Project Director: Latin America

As our resident Spanish speaker, Gabriela manages our Latin American and Caribbean reforestation efforts. She strongly believes in the importance of working together with local communities in order to make this world a greener place!

Beth - One Tree Planted


Asia Pacific

Ecosystem Director

Regional Project Director: Asia Pacific

Beth is our resident Aussie, who looks after our tree projects and partnerships in Australia and Asia. After 2 years with the team in North America, she's now back home among the gum trees in Sydney. In a region that's on the front lines of climate change, Beth is excited to be making a positive impact.

Peace Grace - One Tree Planted

Peace Grace


Forest Manager

Regional Project Director: Africa

Peace Grace manages our tree planting projects in Africa. She is passionate about economic development and believes that agroforestry plays a vital role in providing developing communities with resources to grow. She advocates for the preservation of Africa's green spaces and loves exploring its beautiful nature.

Karl - One Tree Planted



Forest Manager

Regional Project Director: EU

Karl looks after our projects in Europe. Having led business development and strategic projects in sustainability and conservation organizations in the UK and EU for the last 20 years, he believes trees should be placed at the centre of a sustainable economy. Karl enjoys nothing more than swinging from a hammock with his children.

Kyleigh -  One Tree Planted


Forest Manager

Sr. Project Manager: North America (West Coast)

Kyleigh manages our west coast project management team, develops key strategic partnerships, and oversees tree planting programs in the West Coast USA. Partnerships include our mobile seed bank program & nursery partnership pipeline. She is passionate about post-wildfire restoration, climate action, and environmental justice for the planet!

Malcolm - One Tree Planted


Agroforestry Guru

Project Manager: Latin America and the Caribbean

Born in the Philippines, Malcolm manages our projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. As an Agricultural Engineer based in Costa Rica, he has experience with tropical agroforestry systems and drone mapping. Malcolm is part of our monitoring team and is helping to combine technology with reforestation.

KM - One Tree Planted


Forest Manager

Project Manager: Asia Pacific

Aussie-Filipina KM takes care of reforestation projects in Asia. Her background is in frontline rainforest conservation, where she led efforts to legally establish the Philippines' biggest Critical Habitat. KM is passionate about supporting and empowering indigenous & local communities to lead reforestation and biodiversity protection.

Teresa - One Tree Planted


Forest Manager

Project Manager: Africa

Teresa is a Project Manager for Africa. She most recently managed community led reforestation programs in Kenya and supported monitoring and evaluation of ITF projects in Africa. Teresa's interests include walking, exploring nature, Biodiversity restoration and supporting local communities to their livelihoods.

Talia - One Tree Planted


Forest Manager

Project Manager: Asia Pacific

With a background in environmental and social sciences, Talia is passionate about ecosystem conservation and restoration, and the important role that monitoring plays in ensuring this work is being done right. Talia loves the therapeutic and healing power of nature and as a keen cyclist she enjoys exploring new places with her dog Jarrah.

Laura Lucas - One Tree Planted

Laura L.

Forest Manager

Project Manager: Brazil

Laura was born in Spain, but raised around the world. For the last 5 years, her home-base has been Brazil, where she has been chasing after the critically endangered jaguars of the Atlantic Forest. Outside of work, you can find Laura under a waterfall, hiking with friends, or painting at home with her cat Nebula.

Grace - One Tree Planted


Forest Manager

Project Manager: Africa

Grace is a Project Manager for Africa. With a background in Ecology and Sustainable Development, he has over a decade of experience in biodiversity conservation, forest governance, landscape restoration, and community engagement. Grace believes that planting the right species of trees in the right area can make the difference for the planet.

Brittney - One Tree Planted


Forest Manager

Sr. Project Manager: USA (Southwest)

Brittney manages reforestation efforts throughout the Southwest of the United States. Her background in biology, ecology and forest health, combined with her love for the outdoors, cultivated her passion for a career in natural resource conservation and restoration. Brittney enjoys hiking with her dogs, playing sports, and kayaking her local rivers.

Angelo - One Tree Planted


Projects Coordinator

Born in Chile, Angelo is a professor and engineer. Always looking for new ways to contribute to a greener and more conscious world. Angelo believes that small changes have big impacts. He loves sports, outdoor activities, and traveling to meet new people and learn about other cultures.

Samadrita - One Tree Planted


Forest Manager

Project Manager: India

Samadrita manages plantation projects in India. Her area of expertise straddles across climate change, forest ecology and forest governance. She is passionate about forest conservation and believes in empowering local communities for better protection of mother nature.

Marika - One Tree Planted


Project Manager: UK And Europe

With a background in International Relations, Marika has learned the importance of investing in natural and social capital to achieve sustainable development. Inspired when she picked up her first shovel, Marika realized that trees are a symbol of revival for future ecosystems that help to make communities thrive together!

Gloria - One Tree Planted


Project Coordinator: africa

With an education background in agriculture and integrated water resources management, Gloria has experience in agroforestry, project management, and community development. She believes that women have the upper hand in building resilient communities against climate change; thus linking women's empowerment with climate action.

Mariafé - One Tree Planted


Regional Carbon Specialist: Latin America

Mariafé is a forestry engineer from Peru with a master's in Tropical Forestry from Germany. She is passionate about nature conservation and working to improve rural livelihoods which depend on forests. In her free time, she likes to travel to natural areas around her town city in Ecuador, do trekkings outdoors, and spend time with her family and friends.

Thiago - One Tree Planted


Regional Carbon Specialist: Latin America

Thiago is our Nature Based Solutions specialist in Brazil. With a PhD in international law and experience with ESG and carbon markets, he believes reforestation is the key to tackling climate change and bringing opportunities to local communities in Latin America. He has lived in several countries and loves running and hiking to observe wildlife.

Jared - One Tree Planted


Regional Carbon Specialist: Asia Pacific

Jared is a researcher with a background in social forestry, plant physiology, carbon cycling, and restoration ecology across mangroves, urban forests, and peat swamps. He is happiest in the field, co-working with crocs, cobras, and tigers. 

John - One Tree Planted


Project Manager: Kenya

John is an environmental and sustainability expert with years of experience managing community-based restoration and livelihood projects. He has in-depth knowledge of grassroots communities, gender issues in natural resource management, nature-based enterprises and project monitoring and evaluation. John loves to cook!

Angela - One Tree Planted


Project Manager: Indigenous Communities

Angela has a background in international development and has worked on the ground for mission-driven causes across Africa and Latin America. With a Masters Degree from Columbia University in Energy and the Environment, she is passionate about local community engagement and agroforestry. Find her skiing, hiking, or sailing!

Ange - One Tree Planted


Project Manager: Rwanda

Ange is a Project Manager for Africa with a specific focus on Rwanda. With a background in Bioresource Engineering, Ange is passionate about nature conservation and the role technology can play to transform it. She is also passionate about food security and community development. Ange loves playing Basketball and meeting new people. 

Philbert - One Tree Planted


Project Manager: Rwanda

Philbert Raj manages projects in Rwanda and he is responsible for the creation, organization, execution, and completion of all reforestation projects in Africa with One Tree Planted. He is a graduate of both University of Padova (Italy) and UNB (Canada). He likes praying, reading and watching football matches.

Jaymee - One Tree Planted


Project Manager: Asia Pacific

Jaymee has 10+ years of experience in projects focused on nature-based solutions and sustainable development. Originally from Peru, she is now based in Australia and manages projects in Asia Pacific. She has a background in Wildlife Veterinary Medicine and a Master’s degree in Environment and Climate Change from the University of Melbourne.

Samuel - One Tree Planted


Project Manager: Ghana

Samuel has been working as a Tropical Socio-Ecologist with diverse experiences in the Tropics. He is passionate about working with local community groups to achieve healthy ecosystems while strengthening their social development. He loves to cook and enjoys hiking in nature.

Meg - One Tree Planted

Meg D.

Global Projects Support Specialist: United States

Meg works cross-functionally to create and refine all of our processes! With a background in sustainable business and regenerative farming, Meg is excited to use her passion, empathy and leadership to foster innovative reforestation and restoration solutions. In their free time, you’ll find Meg taking road trips, reading, going on walks and hiking.

Sony - One Tree Planted


Project Manager: Indonesia

Sony is based in Indonesia and specializes in forest conservation projects management, stakeholder mapping and engagement, forest policy analysis, wildlife and its habitats, conservation education, land use/cover, outreach, partnership, and also grants management.

Eunice - One Tree Planted


Project Manager: Ghana

Eunice is a passionate development practitioner with 10+ years of experience. Through participatory engagement, she believes in empowering local communities, especially women and the youth. Eunice loves mentoring young people and is always eager to learn from her peers and partners. She loves cooking, travelling and meeting new people.

Urban Forestry

Lauren H. - One Tree Planted


Junior Urban Forestry Project Manager

With a background in urban forestry and environmental justice theory, Lauren's experience as an ISA Certified Arborist ranges from the streets of upstate New York to the beaches of Southern California. She is passionate about the power of urban forests to mitigate environmental and social justice concerns. 

Impact Assessment And Monitoring

Ross - One Tree Planted


Forest Guru

Monitoring Manager

Ross provides technical support and science-based evaluations for our projects. He planted his first trees while managing an agroforestry NGO in Haiti prior to getting his Master's Degree at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. As a GIS WIZ, he loves how technology and maps can connect people with nature.

Miranda - One Tree Planted


Geospatial Analyst

Passionate about the environment, Miranda joins One Tree Planted, transitioning from using GIS for bird conservation to reforestation. When not making maps and analyzing data, Miranda enjoys climbing rocks, training jiu jitsu, and spoiling her pets. If you're in the Midwest, you may even spot her excitedly staring up into the trees.

Community Forestry Events

Liv - One Tree Planted


Events Coordinator

Liv is part of our Community Forestry Events team and is here to help coordinate our events. She has a real love for trees and enjoys exploring national parks around Canada. Liv is excited to contribute to building forests around the world, ensuring wildlife has a place to call home.


Caitlin - One Tree Planted


Fun-raising Director

Director of Fundraising

Caitlin leads our fundraising team and works to establish meaningful relationships with our business partners. An environmentalist to her core, she loves connecting with organizations and businesses who are looking to help the planet through reforestation efforts.

Louis - One Tree Planted


Branch Manager

Regional Fundraising Director: EU 

Louis looks after our amazing business partners who help us to plant trees all over the world. He's passionate about rewilding and sees tree planting as the solution to many of humanity's problems.

Michele - One Tree Planted


Branch Manager

Sr. Account Manager

Michelle works with our amazing business partners to help bring their dreams to reality. She loves getting outside every chance she gets and can be found hiking various mountains in the Quebec region.

Megan G.-A. - One Tree Planted

Megan G.-A.

Branch Manager

Account Manager

Megan takes care of our wonderful business partners. With a background in sustainable apparel and over 7 years of experience within the space of sustainability, she believes that true Sustainability is achieved through the replenishment of our natural resources and so supporting Ecological balance.

Hannah - One Tree Planted

Hannah E.

Forest Fanatic

Corporate Fundraiser

Hannah promotes tree planting to potential corporate partners. She believes nature is integral to the human experience, and that it's a true privilege to make reforestation accessible to partners globally. She brings over 7 years of non-profit experience and a lifetime of nature-loving to her work at One Tree Planted.

Jeremy - One Tree Planted


SR. Manager of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships

Jeremy’s passion is building strategic partnerships with diverse stakeholders to scale impact. Nicknamed The Lorax, as a pro volleyball player, he created volleyball’s first Sustainability Plan with Waste Management and the AVP Tour and partnerships with B Corps. Jeremy lives in Rio de Janeiro with his family and loves photography and surfing.

Sports Sustainability

Dave -  One Tree Planted


Branch Manager

Sr. Sports Sustainability Manager

After nearly 15 years as a member of the Montreal Canadiens' (NHL) marketing department, Dave manages our sports industry partnerships. As a hobby woodworker, he loves trees and feels fortunate to positively impact the environment by helping put trees in the ground.

Chris - One Tree Planted


Branch Manager

Sports Sustainability Manager

Chris is a former Major League Baseball outfielder who spent eight MLB seasons with the Baltimore Orioles and Cincinnati Reds. A Southern California native who grew up as a natural environmentalist, he is the co-founder of Players for the Planet and helps oversee One Tree Planted's sports partnerships, including the Play for Trees program.


Rachel - One Tree Planted


Forest Seeker

Director of Philanthropy

Rachel is our reforestation storyteller, helping donors and foundations make a positive impact. With a background in Geography & Environmental Science, she is a huge advocate for conservation and climate action, and believes the first step in restoring the planet is creating mission-driven communities and partnerships!

Lesley - One Tree Planted


Green Machine

Grant Writer

As our grant writer, Lesley is eager to get more trees in the ground but knows that money doesn't grow on trees. As a mother, Lesley loves to enjoy nature with her two sons and wants to give back to the environment, particularly in places that need it most.

Patty - One Tree Planted


Donor Relations Coordinator

Donor Relations Coordinator

Born and raised on the Venezuelan Coast, Patty has a background in International Development and Environmental Sustainability. As part of the foundations team, she loves to build relationships with partners and donors. Patty feels grateful to be able to contribute to restoration efforts. You can catch her paddle-boarding on Lake Ontario! 

Laura J. - One Tree Planted

Laura J.

Sapling Steward

Major Gifts Officer

Laura leads our major gifts stewardship program and builds meaningful relationships with individual donors around the world. Having helped local residents feel more in favour of their government transitioning off of fossil fuels and onto renewable energy in her previous role, Laura is thrilled to be using her story sharing skills to motivate philanthropists to take action.

Rosa - One Tree Planted


Philanthropy Officer

Growing up in Puerto Rico gave Rosa access to diverse ecosystems and their unique beauty. She brings her passion for conservation, wildlife, and green energy to her writing as she pursues new and burgeoning funding sources. Rosa sees value in each individual tree and shares the vision of a greener world, with increased habitats for varied wildlife.

Customer Service

Cassandra - One Tree Planted


Director of Seedling Support

Director of Customer Service

Cassandra leads our team of tree-refic seedling supporters. Everyone should have a great experience with our organization, and it's her job to make sure of it. She works behind the scenes to help every donor gets the information and help they need.

Aleksandra - One Tree Planted


Seedling Support

Customer Service Representative

For almost a decade, Aleksandra has worked in rural development to help revive the countryside life in her home country of Macedonia. As a nature lover and passionate activist, Aleksandra looks forward to restoring nature that has been destroyed and providing greener life for all.

Megan C. - One Tree Planted

Megan C.

Seedling Support

Customer Service Representative

Megan loves the outdoors (a One Tree Planted necessity!) and enjoys cycling, yoga and portaging (canoe/camping). Megan founded Food Cycle at Concordia University, a program where food surplus is donated to charitable organizations across Montreal. 

Angèle - One Tree Planted


Mother Nurture

Customer Service Representative

Angèle is the quintessential "people person". She has friends from all walks of life, and if you're not one now, you probably will be soon. She's also passionate about the outdoors and loves hiking, biking, tennis, paddle boarding and skiing. She joined One Tree Planted to make sure that her 2 children will be able to do all those activities while breathing clean air. 

Chelsea - One Tree Planted


Seedling Support

Customer Service Representative

Combining her love for the great outdoors and helping people, Chelsea is ready to make an impact at One Tree Planted! She enjoys coffee, yoga as well as long walks and believes that taking care of the mind and body is essential to a fulfilling life! Chelsea is a curious and passionate individual who enjoys exploring new ideas and experiences.

Human Resources

Jill - One Tree Planted


The Mighty Oak

Director of Human Resources

Jill keeps the ball rolling in the office and makes sure the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed. An organizational guru, she keeps Matt functioning seamlessly and manages the rest of us to ensure all of our needs are met. Despite knowing that chaos is natural and order is imposed, Jill still loves nature.

Sherlyn - One Tree Planted


Park Ranger

Sr. HR Manager: USA

Sherlyn comes to us with over 7 years of global HR experience and will be helping to keep our internal processes efficient and seamless. Originally from the Dominican Republic, Sherlyn has a fond appreciation for the mountain landscapes and beaches of the island as they remain close to her heart. She is thrilled to join our team in making a positive impact!

Finance And Operations

Christina - One Tree Planted


Ecosystem Manager

CRM Manager

Christina is the friendly face that makes sure all of our day-to-day operations run smoothly. She's been passionate about the environment since a young age, and is happy to be doing her part by planting trees!

Sofia - One Tree Planted


Tree Analytics

Analytics Manager

Sofia helps to manage our analytics and SEO. She enjoys investigating the story behind the numbers and finding ways to optimize our site and processes, to ensure our mission of reforestation is spread far and wide across the web.

Shalon - One Tree Planted


Legal Branch

General Counsel

Shalon is a UCLA Law School alumna with 20+ years legal experience, including nearly 6 years at the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority directing contracting and legal activities with its portfolio of 100+ nonprofit organizations. She is a lifetime tree-hugger, rock collector and lover of kids, puppies, fuzzy socks and spicy noodles.

Marwa - One Tree Planted




Marwa helps keep the team financially informed by making sure all the seeds we receive are "accounted" for. Born and raised on the Mediterranean coast, Marwa grew up surrounded by olive trees and is an avid plant lover. She is excited to join the team, and enjoys a good hike around the many trails in Quebec.

Deanna - One Tree Planted



Deanna has worked in Accounting for nearly 20 years and is happy to help contribute to making the world a better place. She lived in Washington State for most of her life and grew up with a love of nature and appreciation for the beautiful landscape the area has to offer. Deanna loves exploring new places around her current home base in Texas with her dogs.

Kendell - One Tree Planted


CRM Manager

Kendell specializes in overseeing the flow of our operations. She has lived all over the US West Coast and has a great appreciation for all types of climates; from the mountains to the desert to the beach! One Tree Planted feels like home to Kendell and her passions.




Isalia is a Bookkeeper with over 8 years of experience in Office Admin work and Bookkeeping work in both the Landscaping and Nursery industries. She enjoys nature walks, thrifting, visiting botanical gardens, gardening, and above all spending quality time with her family.

Zeshan - One Tree Planted


IT Manager

Zeshan helps guide our technological direction by designing, implementing, and maintaining IT and security solutions. He understands that everything is connected, both in business and life, and the best way to troubleshoot a problem is by stepping back and viewing it through a holistic lens. Zeshan's goal is to leave the world a better place than he found it.

Hannah - One Tree Planted

Hannah F.

CRM Manager

Hannah is a certified Salesforce Administrator and works to optimize our CRM system. She blends her passions for nature, numbers and narratives to enable both efficient day-to-day operations and effective long-term strategy. Hannah finds her best ideas outside so she spends free time reading at the beach or hiking in Los Padres National Forest.

Marketing & Communications

Meaghan W. - One Tree Planted

Meaghan W.


Forest Whisperer

Sr. Communications Manager

Meaghan works to share our story far and wide, manages our blog calendar, coordinates with the team on projects + campaigns, and ensures our brand voice is reflected across channels. With a background in communications and an education in environmental conservation, she is passionate about leveraging her creativity to help the environment!

Antz - One Tree Planted




Sr. Web Design Manager

With 10+ years dedicated to creating and maintaining intuitive, dynamic, and responsive websites, Antz oversees our site's overall experience. Forever a designer, he ensures that our donors are provided with optimal design, and top functionality. When he's taking a break, you can find Antz watering their plants, walking across the city, or visiting their local library.

Nicole - One Tree Planted


Digital Marketing

Marketing Stra-tree-gist

Sr. Digital Marketing Manager

Nicole is our in-house marketing brainstormer. She's always dreaming up big new campaign ideas and ensuring our team makes the most of year-round holidays. Nicole also works closely with the web team to help deliver on big projects. Nicole is an avid adventurer, always looking for the next best getaway - whether on a tropical island or in the Laurentian Mountains.

Stephanie S. - One Tree Planted

Stephanie S.


Video Production Manager

With a background in narrative and documentary film, Stephanie supports the video team for all of their production needs. Stephanie has planted over 400,000 trees in Canada and combines her passion for storytelling with her dedication to positive environmental impact with One Tree Planted.

Kim - One Tree Planted


Web Forester

Web Designer

Coming from a background of digital design, Kim has a passion for all things web dev and design. Kim's expertise involves her maintaining and growing our website's functionality. She loves to design virtual experiences everyday to help get our message planted!

Mackenzie - One Tree Planted


Digital Marketing Coordinator

With experience in the communication field, Mackenzie oversees our advertising campaigns. She determines what ads are performing well and how to get our projects and campaigns seen by more people. She hopes to benefit the environment by introducing more people to the One Tree Planted mission!

Gabrielle - One Tree Planted


Digital Fundraising Specialist

Gabrielle helps with fundraising and marketing, working with peer-to-peer fundraising as well as business fundraising. With experience in both women's rights and climate change organizations, she has a strong passion for non-profits and is excited to make an impact in the world through environmental change!

Anissa - One Tree Planted


Digital Marketing Coordinator

Anissa blends her communications background and love for creative content by handling all things email marketing. Working towards a greener planet motivates her, and she hopes to spread the One Tree Planted ethos near and far. Outside of work, you can find her on long walks or trying out local cafés.

Matthew - One Tree Planted


Video Editor

Matt has crafted narrative for the world’s leading non-fiction platforms like Discovery & Vice Media. Imaginative, powerful story-telling can both entertain and support groups nurturing the beauty and health of our planet - one tree at a time.

Brisa - One Tree Planted


Graphic Designer

Born in Brazil, Brisa is a graphic designer who helps with the creation and visual communication of One Tree Planted, connecting projects and people. And when she's not doing that, she loves to use her creativity in craft activities or be outside enjoying with her friends and dog, travelling and having new experiences.

Reuben - One Tree Planted


Video Editor

With a background in commercial and documentary editing, Reuben has a passion for using visual storytelling to build community, spark dialogue, and raise awareness around complex issues. Whether climbing trees with his daughter or raising backyard chickens with his son, Reuben aims to support resilience and renewal in our environment and ourselves.