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Who is a Tree Ambassador?

Making an impact isn't about one person taking one big action, it's about a community of like-minded people coming together and taking small actions every day. Tree Ambassadors are passionate environmental stewards who want to represent One Tree Planted — and aren't afraid to get their hands in the dirt to make an impact at work, at home, or at school. Together, we are building a community of tree-lovers around the world who are doing their part, one tree at a time.

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You enjoy connecting with people in your local community (and around the world!) to share ideas, motivation, and solutions.

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You are interested in using your unique skills and interests to drive action and create change in your community.

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You love spending time in nature and feel passionate about doing what you can to benefit your local environment.

What can Tree Ambassadors do?



As a Tree Ambassador, you will have access to an exclusive fundraising platform where you can fundraise for One Tree Planted. Plant trees for your birthday, wedding, race, event, or just because!


Getting outside and planting trees is an amazing way to make an impact. With first-choice access to our tree planting events and other volunteer opportunities, you will have plenty of opportunities to get your hands in the dirt with us.



One of the best ways to make an impact is to share your passion for the environment and One Tree Planted with your friends and family. Share on social media, at the office, on campus, and anywhere else that you connect with others!


Here at One Tree Planted, we believe that it’s never too late to learn or too early to make an impact. By becoming a Tree Ambassador, you will have access to our extensive library of environmental education resources to continue your journey as a tree-enthusiast.


Why Join the Program?

Why Join the Program?
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Become Connected

When you join the Tree Ambassador program, you will become part of a network of Tree Ambassadors that hail from all around the world via a private Discord group. You will have opportunities to connect, make friends, organize fundraisers together and share your experiences with other nature lovers.

Early Access

Be the first to know about our tree planting events, volunteer opportunities, webinars, and other special opportunities.

Exclusive Experiences

As a Tree Ambassador, you will have access to an exclusive one-on-one mentor, Discord group, tree planting events, and more!

Application Process

Step 1

You fill out the application form below. Don't worry - it takes less than one minute to complete!

Step 2

Someone from our team will review your application and you'll hear back in less than 24 hours time.

Step 3

Once accepted, you join our program where you'll be invited to learn, fundraise, volunteer and share through a personalized program.


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