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One Tree Planted is an environmental nonprofit that is dedicated to making it simple for anyone to help the environment. Our simplified donation process and project transparency allow individuals, businesses and foundations to understand the impact of their donation.

But truthfully, planting trees is anything but simple. And as we often say, it’s about more than planting trees. It’s about growing healthy forests.

What Kind of Projects does One Tree Planted Support?

Reforestation Projects

Reforestation Projects

We work with local planting partners in more than seventy countries, across diverse ecosystems, to fund large-scale, high-impact projects.

Reforestation projects are funded for the benefit of forest restoration, biodiversity conservation, ecological restoration, and agroforestry. They also provide community benefits such as improving local health, supporting indigenous project ownership, and encouraging sustainable income generation.


Urban Forestry

Planting trees in urban environments is essential to maintaining the health of cities and their inhabitants.

One Tree Planted's Urban Forestry Action Fund is an international portfolio of high-impact urban forestry projects that address environmental justice issues and help communities achieve tree equity.

Urban Forestry
Community Events

Community Events

One Tree Planted helps fund volunteer restoration events around the world. The focus of these events range from planting trees to removing invasive species, cleaning up critical watersheds, and more.

Tree planting events typically occur during the spring and fall planting seasons and can take place in neighborhood parks, along streets and parkways or within nature reserves. Restoration work is always needed at project sites, so restoration events can take place nearly any time of the year!

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Understanding the Planting Costs

Understanding the Planting Costs

We believe in complete transparency regarding how your donation dollars are utilized. We take great pride in our strong network of reforestation partners and the incredible things that we have accomplished (and will continue to accomplish) together. When reviewing costs, we work together with our partners to determine how we can best support them within our reforestation model. Each project has a budget that covers specific primary costs. 

Here’s an overview of typical costs covered:

  • Land prep & weeding
  • Saplings nurtured in nursery
  • Transport, planting and monitoring of trees
  • Impact reporting & operations

Planting trees isn't a one and done process — and the more of us that are invested in a project, the more successful it will be over the long-term.

Understanding the Planting Costs
The Value of Unrestricted Funding

The Value of Unrestricted Funding

While we work hard to accommodate requests for specific project locations, it is important to acknowledge that in doing so, impactful and deserving projects often go unnoticed or unfunded.

When donors choose to divide their donations among several projects, or specify specific planting regions, it creates a challenge for us to support longstanding, high-impact initiatives that require urgent funding.

By embracing an unrestricted funding model, we can direct your donation to the projects that genuinely need it the most. The impact of these projects range from providing essential job opportunities to underprivileged communities, to reconnecting vital biodiversity corridors, restoring watersheds that provide drinking water for millions, and more. 

Every One Tree Planted project goes through rigorous vetting and approval processes, ensuring that every funded initiative holds significant value and potential for positive change.

Planting Timeline

Planting timeline

Every One Tree Planted project starts with a detailed proposal from a local planting partner, which lays out where, why and how the trees are being planted. This goes through many steps of review before a single seedling goes in the ground. Once our qualified team of project managers determines that a project is sound, an agreement is signed and our trusted planting partners get to work. At this phase, our internal team gets busy creating funding opportunities for individuals, businesses and foundations to be part of the story and help us fund the project.

Once a project has been fully funded and planting has been completed, our MRV team works closely with our reforestation partners to map and record their growing trees. This allows us to analyze the impact the trees will have on overall forest health, biodiversity, and surrounding communities.

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